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Everyone deserves the chance to be informed.

To make fully informed decisions about Covid-19 risk, people need information. But science journals are confusing, wordy and there's so many of them. So, we've brought together the peer-reviewed research into easy to navigate sections, with findings summarized in 1-2 sentences. To find and read a paper, simply search the DOI, a number unique to each journal article, in a search engine.

We will do our best to keep this up-to-date with the latest research, but please be patient!

Note: Papers marked *preprint are awaiting peer review

Person Conducting Science Test

Who runs this website?

This website is run by a small group of friends who want to make Covid-19 information accessible for everyone. We've also had support from UK Long Covid charities.

I'm anon, and I'm responsible for most of this website's updates and upkeep. I'm currently a healthcare student, but most of my experience reading science journals and analysing research comes from my four years studying for a joint Bachelors and Masters degree in Biochemistry.

I keep my identity anonymous as my medical school and university seem hostile in response to students who disagree with their Covid-19 policies, even when provided with the scientific evidence to support arguments. I hope that one day this can change.

However, please be assured that I had to detail my intentions, as well as provide proof of identity, in order to use this web domain. I take this site very seriously and will always do my best to provide accurate information.


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