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Places to find out more, help out and find like-minded people

COVID-Cautious  Organisations, Resources and Community


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Named after the doctor who discovered the link between people infected with Cholera and use of the Broad Street water pump, The John Snow Project provides reliable, honest information on COVID-19 from public health, clinical, and research experts. Click the logo to visit their website.

The World Health Network is a global network of experts and advocates working together to inspire collective action through science for a safer, healthier world. They aim to end the Pandemic as a global health threat. Click the logo to visit their website.

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Clean Air Stars provide guides for businesses on how to clean the air, and promote businesses with cleaner air in their directory. A map tool on their homepage allows searching for businesses worldwide. Click the logo to visit their website.


Encourages and promotes organisations who have signed the COVID-19 Safety Pledge. This means they pledge to protect workers, service users and customers from Covid-19 through risk assessments to reduce transmission and support for employees to self isolate. This organisation also runs a Campaign for Safe Healthcare. Click the logo to visit their website.


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The Raven Clear Air Map is an app that collects indoor air quality readings (in the form of CO2 readings) and displays it on a map. This allows the public to choose indoor spaces that prioritize clean and filtered air. Click the logo to visit the map.

Site documenting evidence that Covid-19 is airborne, as well as timelines of its management by the CDC (American public health) and World Health Organisation. Also provides evidence of airborne nature of other diseases such as Flu, StrepA, RSV and Monkeypox. Click the title to visit their website.

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A sourced collection of tips and tools for navigating an airborne pandemic. Focuses on clean air, better masks and school safety. Click the logo to visit their website.

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Masks for London is a London-based community group distributing masks & respirators within the city. Click the logo to visit their GoFundMe page. Links to their Twitter and Instagram accounts also provided for updates.

Site that documents all modules of the UK-Covid-19 Inquiry and provides searchable transcripts. Set up to enable people to understand how much was known about Covid-19 from the beginning. Click the title to visit the website.

Online library of peer-reviewed Covid-19 studies sorted by topics such as body system, vaccinations and excess deaths. Click the title to visit the website.



Covid meetups is a free service to find individuals, families and local businesses/services who take COVID precautions in your area. So far it has members from over 70 countries worldwide. It is run by the World Health Network. Click the logo to visit their website.

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A group set up to support clinically (extremely) vulnerable people, groups deemed at highest risk from Covid-19 in the UK, and their families. They provide community through Facebook groups and virtual meetups, as well as sharing evidence based resources and representing these groups at the UK Covid Inquiry. Click on the logo to visit their website.


Covid Isnt Over is a community for people "still coviding" i.e. people still taking measures to avoid getting Covid-19. They run weekly hangouts every Saturday as well as a community calender of virtual events. Be sure to check event times are for your time zone as events may be run from different countries. Click the logo to visit their website.

An international directory of therapists who self-identify as COVID-cautious. A list of clinical and non-clinical groups run by the therapists is also available. The directory was set up with the belief that mental health professionals should not see patients as irrational for trying to lower their risk of infection during a global pandemic. Click the title to visit the website.

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A website and weekly newsletter to subscribe to from Justin, a Black queer writer, performer, and educator. ***

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